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If you’re looking for the best deals on solar panel installation Adelaide has to offer, you’re in the right place. Adelaide’s leading solar panel suppliers, Captain Green Solar, provide an extensive range of solar services to meet every need that you require while making the transition from mains electricity to solar energy in Adelaide.

Adelaide, SA is the ideal location for solar system installation – and as a matter of fact, nearly 30% to 45% of homes in Adelaide, South Australia have already started benefiting from solar-powered energy. Due to the increase in the electricity rates and the cost of solar systems at historic lows, more and more homes and businesses in Adelaide are making a move to solar panels. So, whether you’re looking to power up your business, or hoping to reduce your home electricity bills, you need the aid of best solar installers in Adelaide. This is where we come in!

Captain Green Solar is proud to be one of Australia’s longest and most renown serving solar panels business, established and trusted for over ten years! We offer leading solar services and products in Adelaide and across all of Australia. Working on a wide variety of business and domestic sites across Adelaide, we customised solar system solutions to meet the unique demands of each site. Captain Green are passionate about helping those in South Australia to embrace the benefits of solar panel installation, from saving on electricity bills to reducing their carbon footprint.

If you are looking for the best solar power system in Adelaide for commercial or residential applications, our highly experienced team of consultants are here to help. At Captain Green Solar, we offer a broad range of solar solutions of different sizes, from massive 30kW solar panel installations to 5kW inverter and panel combinations. Whether you are operating an enormous warehouse or running a small family business, give us a call if you’re looking for solar panels in South Australia – we’re your guys.


Solar panels in Adelaide work by collecting the sun’s rays and converting it into electrical power. The solar system is installed or mounted in a particular area of a property (typically on the roof), where they are in direct view of the sun. The panels work to collect the sun’s rays and convert this energy into direct current (DC) power. DC Power is then sent through the solar inverters that convert it to alternating current (AC) power. From here, the AC energy is what many homes, businesses and commercial sites use to power their properties.

For solar technology to successfully collect energy, the sun has to be shining. South Australia is a fantastic location for solar panel technology, as residents receive ample sunshine year-round. Any excess energy generated through solar panels can be collected and sent back to the main power grid, where it is used as a backup resource for electricity when necessary.


Here at Captain Green Solar, we offer a wide range of flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solar power systems for businesses and homes. We are a proudly and renown South Australian renewable energy company who supplies Tier-1 solar panels. As one of the longest-serving solar company in Adelaide, Captain Green Solar operates in a quality-controlled environment; meaning our products are skillfully designed to meet the standards and needs of our clients. Members of the clean energy council, our qualified technicians, meet and exceed solar panel quality standards every day in Adelaide.

At Captain Green, we only work with the highest quality materials for all of our solar services across South Australia. For solar panel installation in Adelaide, we use advanced and state-of-the-art inverters to ensure maximum power conversion and efficiency, which we achieve by configuring each inverter with an appropriate solar panel.

As one of the leading solar panel installers in South Australia, Captain Green Solar offers amazing solar deals that start in size from 5kW all the way to 30kW. Our solar solutions have been tested and verified to withstand the dynamic nature of the Australian climate, and we also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty for all of our installation work.

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One of the main benefits of investing in Adelaide solar panels is the reduction in power costs and electricity bills. The exact amount of money you can save every month on energy costs depends on various factors, including your daily power consumption and where you’re located in South Australia. To make it easier to work out how much money you’ll save with solar, check out the free Captain Green online solar calculator.

You can also take a few extra steps to maximise your savings. For starters, scheduling most of your electricity consumption during sunlight hours will benefit your overall consumption for after dark. If you can, plan to use the stove, dishwasher and washing machine during the day whenever possible, rather than in the evening. Secondly, investing in energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs and adjusting your thermostat when you’re not home can go a long way in reducing your electricity consumption and costs.


Looking for amazing solar deals in Adelaide – or anywhere in Australia – requires a good understanding of what a solar energy system offers to its owner. Having a solar system installed will enable you to produce electricity when the sun is shining. However, electricity generation depends on the duration and intensity of the sunshine.

This is where the beautiful climate of Australia comes in. If you’re an Adelaidean, you know that we don’t experience any shortages of sunlight. With the power of sunlight and Captain Green Solar’s amazing solar systems, you can generate up to 10.9kWh of energy with just a 3kW solar system in Adelaide, isn’t that amazing?


Having a solar system installed can greatly reduce the carbon footprint. But if you think that’s the only advantage, you’ll get, then think again.

In South Australia, you can benefit from great incentives by installing a solar system. If you are producing an adequate number of kilowatt-hours through your solar system, then the Government of Australia will award you a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC). With this certificate, you enjoy a wide range of additional benefits, such as up-front discounts or you can even sell it in an open market. In addition, by consuming solar energy as it is generated, you don’t have to purchase expensive electricity from the grid, meaning you will save a good chunk of money in the long run. At Captain Green Solar, we understand the need for saving money; therefore, we offer ideal solar specials and deals in Adelaide so you can enjoy free and renewable electricity!


Due to the rapid advancement in technology, South Australian solar panel installation prices are among the lowest across the globe. Since the market has matured and manufacturing facilities have increased the scale of solar system production, now is your golden chance to take advantage of impressive Adelaide solar panel deals.

So, by opting for solar energy solutions, you can say goodbye to expensive power bills and take control back by installing affordable and efficient solar power solutions. What’s more, when you work with Captain Green, you know you’re getting value for money in South Australia. We endeavour to provide the perfect solar solution to suit every property – from quality materials to affordable installation and ongoing solar system support where required.


In Australia, more than 2 million homes have already installed solar energy solutions. This is due to the fact that not only do solar systems offer sustainable and affordable energy with minimum maintenance but installing solar is also a great investment for your property.

While the initial investment in solar panels can be expensive for some, the return of investment (ROI) is always high for South Australians. Calculating the ROI is essential, as it is the amount of time and money it will take your system, via savings in the energy bill, to overtake the initial costs of installing solar. However, once you have surpassed the ROI, your solar system in Adelaide will then transform into a net-positive financial investment that will keep on generating returns for your property.

At Captain Green Solar, we genuinely believe in the power of solar. Much more than just an amazing way to save money, solar electricity is an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution. Switching to solar on your property can lower carbon footprint while changing the way how we consume coal and other energy resources.

Installing solar panels in Adelaide will also increase the value of your property and add significant appeal for prospective buyers. Most importantly, using Adelaide solar power as an alternative energy source can help protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.


Here at Captain Green, we like to think we are different from other solar panel companies in Adelaide. Rather than providing a simple solar system installation service, we offer top-notch customer service, advice, and ongoing communication to our customers as they navigate through the ever-changing world of solar solutions. As one of the leading solar
companies in Adelaide, we offer:


Professional and licensed CEC Qualified electricians would install you residential or commercial grid solar power system. At Captain Green, we employ only the best, experienced, and Clean Energy Council certified installers so you can enjoy the best, affordable, and professional service. In addition, we also offer a wide range of consumer protections and expert installation, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a thing for Adelaide solar.


At Captain Green, we believe that by providing industry-grade, cutting-edge technology to our clients, we can establish a long-lasting relationship. Whether you’re looking for a small-scale solar system or wants to power commercial application, we only supply and install high-quality, premium Adelaide solar panels, which have an Australian warranty claims base.


As a leading solar system company with over a decade of experience in solar installation, we are capable of providing pole-mounted, ground-mounted, or roof-mounted solar power technology. In addition, our experienced team ensures that the solar system is customised according to your needs. Our system designs are also robust, meaning they can be customised to fit your future needs.


Captain Green will only install high-quality, efficient, and sustainable inverters having extendable warranties so that you can claim fast replacements from an Australian Service Centre in case of any issues. Almost all of the inverters offered by Captain Green come with a 5 + 5 Year Warranty.


At Captain Green, we take pride in providing customer satisfaction. Our services are geared towards our customers. This means that we offer a 10% quote beat guarantee, no lock-in contracts, flexible finance options, and easy access to our maintenance and ongoing cleaning services. If you’re looking for a reliable solar power company in Adelaide, then look no further and give us a call now on 1300 361 682.


The costs involved in switching to solar in Adelaide depends on several factors. The location, type of roofing system, whether a separate mounting system is required, and orientation of the property impacts the costs of installing solar panels in Adelaide. On top of that, the make, model and size of solar systems will also determine the overall costs involved. Depending on the size of the solar energy system that you’re after in Adelaide, you may benefit from savings with our solar panel packages that include the panels, installation and solar inverters.

The Australian Government also offer some incentives on switching to renewable energy sources for properties across Adelaide and Australia. You may be eligible for a rebate on your Adelaide solar systems through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, with our small scale technology certificates.

We also recommend contacting your electrical provider directly to find out how much their feed in tariff program works. When you install solar panels in Adelaide, the feed in tariff refers to the amount of money an electrical provider pays for any unused energy generated. In Adelaide, you’re inevitably going to collect additional energy that you won’t necessarily need for your own property. All of this unused and excess energy is converted into AC power, tracked and sent back to the main power grid. Your electrical provider will then pay YOU for this excess power. Feed in tariff rates vary enormously depending on where you’re located and who your electrical provider is.

At Captain Green, we offer upfront solar energy pricing in Adelaide. Start by scheduling your free 30 minutes, no-obligation consultation with one of our solar power experts in Adelaide. Between the small scale renewable energy scheme, our Adelaide solar panel packages and the feed in tariff programs, most of our Adelaide customers see their return on investment surpass initial investment relatively quickly.

The Captain Green solar technicians will assess your existing electricity bills, discuss the amount of energy required, inspect the location and provide you with a complete Adelaide solar panel report and design plan.


Captain Green is committed to quality. We only use the highest quality materials, and we stand by the quality that we provide on every site across Adelaide. Partnering with the best suppliers in Adelaide, we’re confident we can provide the best solar panels in South Australia. Some of our most popular products supplied to properties include:

  • Jinko Cheetah Plus: These panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and 20.22% module efficiency.
  • Q Cells Q.Peak Duo-G6+: These panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a 19.5% module efficiency.
  • Aleo X59: These panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a 19.2% module efficiency.
  • Jinko Tiger N-Type: These panels come with a 30-year performance warranty and a 20.68% module efficiency.
  • Q Cells Q.Peak Duo-G6+: These panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a 19.5% module efficiency.
  • LG NeON2: These panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a 20.4% module efficiency.

If you’re not sure which Adelaide solar panels would be best for your property, our qualified and experienced technicians can help you out. During the consultation and inspection process, we can walk you through each of your options to ensure that you find the perfect solution for your Adelaide site.


Now that you’ve done your research and have decided to go solar with Captain Green, what next?

It’s simple really, just get in touch with us below, fill in your details and you will hear back from one of our solar consultants as soon as possible. Once you are on the phone, we will provide you with the required knowledge and assistance to ensure your solar journey is seamless. As soon as you give us the tick of approval on the system, we will spring into action and have your solar system on the roof within 4 to 12 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your solar power journey started.


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