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With an abundance of sunshine year-round, the Gold Coast is the ideal spot for solar-powered electricity generation. By harnessing the endless supply of sunlight available on the Gold Coast, you can power your entire residential or commercial property. Solar panels can transform the way you live your life on the coast. Captain Green offer the most advanced, reliable and trusted solar panels Gold Coast has to offer.

Captain Green is proud to be one of Australia’s oldest, most experienced and longest-running solar businesses, established and trusted in the renewable energy sector for over ten years. Members of the Clean Energy Council, we are committed to providing advanced solar technology to residential and commercial properties across the Gold Coast. With top-notch quality as the foundation for everything that we do, we’re confident that we’re providing the best solar panel installation Gold Coast has to offer.

From conception to installation, our experienced and knowledgeable solar specialists offer a scope of service to all properties on the Gold Coast. Once you’ve got your Gold Coast solar system generating electricity, Captain Green grant ongoing support that includes general maintenance, cleaning and solar panel repairs. When you’re a customer of Captain Green, you’re not just another number on the books. We strive to foster exceptional relationships with our Gold Coast customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their solar panel system.


We’re glad you asked. Switching to solar power in the Gold Coast is a move that you will not regret. As energy costs continue to increase, more and more home and business owners are switching to solar technology on the Gold Coast. Fortunately, as the demand for solar panels Gold Coast continues to grow, the cost of solar panel supply and installation continues to drop. The factor of current solar rates makes now the perfect time to switch to solar power.

Two million properties in Australia have already installed some form of renewable energy source; whether it be in the form of solar panels, batteries or other renewable energy sources. Each year, as the mains electricity costs increase, more homes on the Gold Coast are experiencing extremely high rates for general power generation. For this reason alone, it’s not hard to see why the interest in becoming independent is increasing across both the Gold Coast and Australia.

The team at Captain Green Solar have been installing solar panels on all types of properties on the Gold Coast for more than a decade. Delivering a wide variety of commercial and residential panel systems across Queensland, we provide tailored solar power solutions to meet the unique requirements of each location. Captain Green are committed to helping others to embrace the benefits of solar power generation; from the electricity rate savings to reducing carbon footprint and becoming independent from power mains.


Here at Captain Green, we like to think we’re a little different from other solar panel companies on the Gold Coast. Rather than offering a simple solar system installation service, we provide top-notch customer service, advice, and ongoing communication to our customers as they navigate through the ever-changing world of solar solutions.

The scope of services provided by Captain Green Solar extends from solar panel Gold Coast supply, to design, installation, servicing and after-sales support. Once you’ve got your solar power system on the Gold Coast set up, we offer ongoing support, maintenance and servicing on all existing solar panel systems. Servicing the entire Coastline, we offer comprehensive solar systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each property on the Gold Coast.

A CEC Approved Solar Retailer; we only work with high-quality materials and equipped solar technicians. Our team of specialists are more than capable of taking on any system size; whether it be commercial solar panels on the Gold Coast or within a residential property. Committed to quality workmanship on every solar project, our team of solar panel installers are all members of the Clean Energy Council.


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As one of the leading solar companies on the Gold Coast, we offer:


Captain Green provide professional and licensed CEC Qualified electricians to install your grid solar power system. We employ only the best, most experienced, and Clean Energy Council certified installers so you can enjoy a reliable, affordable, and professional service. We also offer a wide range of consumer protections and expert installation, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to Gold Coast solar.


As a leading solar system company with over a decade of experience in solar installation, we can provide pole-mounted, ground-mounted, or roof-mounted solar power technology. What’s more, our experienced and knowledgeable team will make sure that each solar system is customised to meet the unique requirements of each property.


Captain Green install only high-quality, efficient, and sustainable inverters that have extendable warranties so that you can claim fast replacements from an Australian Service Centre in case of any problems. Almost all of the inverters offered by Captain Green come with a 5 + 5 Year Warranty.


At Captain Green, we understand that by providing industry-quality, cutting-edge technology to our clients, we can establish a long-lasting partnership. Whether you’re looking for a small-scale solar system or need to power a commercial organisation, we only supply and install high-quality, premium Gold Coast solar panels, which come with an Australian warranty claims base.


At Captain Solar, we’re passionate about the renewable energy source that is the sun. If you know a little bit about solar power, you may understand that the solar panels that we install collect energy from the sun’s rays. In a nutshell, here’s how that collected energy is converted into commercial and residential power:

• Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels modules collect and generate Direct Current (DC) power from the sun.
• An Inverter then converts DC power into 240V Alternating Current (AC) energy for use at your property.
• The building uses the solar electricity generated; any excess power is fed back into the grid. Meaning you are using the power of the sun to run your appliances.
• A Bi-directional meter (Net Meter) then measures electricity fed back to the grid for which you would receive credits from your electricity retailer.


So, what size solar system should you install on your property? If you’re wondering how many solar panels to install on the Gold Coast – Captain Green can help. The mounting location, the solar panel brands, where your property is located and how much power you plan on generating, will determine which solar power system is suitable for your Gold Coast property.

There are also a wide variety of solar and alternative renewable energy options available for commercial and residential properties on the Gold Coast. At Captain Green Solar, we carry only high-quality products from the top solar panel suppliers on the Gold Coast, including Jinko Solar, LG and Q Cells.

Here are our most popular solar power systems on the Gold Coast:

5kW Solar System: This system is typically used for smaller homes. Its starting cost of $3,803 includes between 14 and 17 panels, which can produce an average of 21 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.
6kW Solar System: This system’s starting cost of $3,491 includes between 18 and 24 panels, which produce an average of 28 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.
7kW Solar System: This system’s starting cost of $4,691 includes between 21 and 25 panels, which produces an average of 32 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.
10kW Solar System: This system’s starting cost of $5,891 includes between 27 and 33 panels, which produce an average of 42 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.
20kW Solar System: This system’s starting cost of $8,392 includes between 55 and 60 panels, which produce an average of 85 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.
30kW Solar System: We typically install this system on commercial properties. Its starting price of $15,367 includes between 82 and 100 panels, which produce an average of 127 kWh a day on the Gold Coast.

Considering each property is unique, the best way to work out which solar panels are best for your property is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert solar technicians. Our team will assess the property, discuss your solar energy goals, answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best solar systems on the Gold Coast for your property. On top of our standard solar solutions, we also provide customised solar systems to meet the unique demands of your property.

Once you’ve decided on which solar panel system you’d like to install, we provide you with a detailed estimate for our home and commercial solar panels on the Gold Coast prices. With upfront and transparent pricing models, we’re committed to making sure that we’re on the same page as all of our clients – no hidden charges and no sneaky add-on fees when you work with Captain Green.

As an expert solar power team on the Gold Coast, we only carry the highest quality products manufactured by the leading solar panel suppliers in Australia. The most popular solar panels that we supply for our Gold Coast customers include:

• JinkoSolar Cheetah Plus
• JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type
• Q Cells Q.Peak Duo-G6+
• LG NeOn2
• Aleo X59

Once you’ve decided what kind of solar panels and systems you’d like to install on your Gold Coast property, our solar technicians assess the site to tailor a solar panel system that would best fit the sunlight behaviours and orientation. While most panels are installed on rooftops, we can also locate spaces on a site that would provide the ideal spot for panel installation. Given the year-round perfect weather on the Gold Coast, our Queensland clients typically have no trouble at all finding the ideal location for solar panel installation.


It goes without saying that the Sunshine Capital of Australia is the ideal location for solar power generation. The more sunlight available to solar panels, the more renewable energy can be generated for power. Solar installation on residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast continues to increase. One likely reason for this surge is the ever-rising energy costs, as more property owners seek ways to mitigate high electricity rates. Another likely reason is that the investment in solar panels on the Gold Coast has steadily become more affordable, as more residents make the switch.

Regardless of your reasons for switching to solar, there has never been a better time to switch to solar power on the Gold Coast. There are a wealth of benefits that come with relying on a renewable, sustainable and independent energy source on your property.

While the steep initial investment can put many off the idea of solar panel installation, all of our Gold Coast customers see a positive of return on investment relatively quickly. If you’re still deciding if Gold Coast solar power is the right choice for your home or business, just think about the potential savings you can reap over the years of generating solar power.

In Australia, two million properties have some form of solar technology installed; whether it be in solar panels, solar batteries or alternative renewable energy sources. Becoming energy independent is a rapidly increasing trend across both the Gold Coast and Australia. And it’s not hard to see why: each year, as mains electricity bills and rates increase, more Australian homes are experiencing extremely high rates for general power generation. The key to freeing your household from high electricity bills is to rely on an inexhaustible, renewable energy source like the sun.



For starters, the most significant benefits of solar power are the savings in electricity. As solar panels easily collect energy from the sun, you can significantly reduce your dependency on electrical power from energy providers. The exact savings experienced depends on several factors, such as your current electricity rates and where you’re located on the Gold Coast. You can use our solar system calculator to estimate how much you may be able to save with solar.


Solar power on the Gold Coast provides a fantastic return on your investment. Gold Coast property owners have no trouble recovering the initial solar installation expenses over the service life of their solar system. While the initial investment of solar panel installation can be high, all of our Gold Coast customers see a comparatively fast return on investment.


As the Australian Government continues to move towards renewable energy sources, Gold Coast property owners can be incentivised to move towards solar. Property owners that convert to solar power may be eligible for solar panel rebates in QLD under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. The local and federal government have created the scheme to incentivise the implementation of solar technology, in a bid to increase the number of people relying on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.


Another great benefit of Gold Coast solar power is the impact it has on the environment. Reducing your dependency on standard electric power helps to minimise carbon footprint and protect the environment. Relying on a renewable energy source means paving the way for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. Furthermore, by sending the excess solar energy back into the main power grid, you’re helping others reduce their carbon footprint as well.


Properties on the Gold Coast with solar panels are worth more than those that aren’t – solar panels truly are an investment into the future of your house or business. Solar panels on the Gold Coast can increase the overall value of your house and serve as an increased incentive to future home or commercial property buyers. Using the most reliable solar installers on the Gold Coast and keeping your solar panels well maintained can also increase the potential value of your estate.


Are you ready to break free from your energy dependency and make the switch to solar on the Gold Coast? As we’ve mentioned, there are so many benefits that come with switching to solar energy on the Gold Coast. If you’d like to learn more, our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to go over the advantages of choosing solar technology.

We understand that it can be challenging trying to work out which solar company to choose on the Gold Coast. Don’t trust the cheapest solar companies available – instead, turn to the experts at Captain Green Solar. We’ve got the most experience, the most knowledgeable and the best attitude when it comes to finding your ideal solar system solution on the Gold Coast. Our services are very affordable too. Contact our office at 1300 361 682 to ask about our solar package deals on the Gold Coast and to schedule your free, no-obligation solar installation consultation today.


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