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Off Grid

CGS Off-Grid

Whether you live in a desolate area that has proven to be economically challenging to bring the electrical grid to your property, or an unreliable grid is fueling your desire to cut your ties and go off-grid.

While the startup costs involved in setting up an off-grid PV system can seem overwhelming at first. Once you’ve flipped the switch and begin to see the savings you receive, you’ll see just how beneficial a solar system can be.

Off-grid users have access to a clean energy source which comes directly from the sun and is stored in batteries, to be released at a later time, when it’s needed. When there isn’t any sunlight to produce energy, a small generator can be used to keep the power going at its regular rate.

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Tailored Design

Stand Alone

Unlike many companies, we don’t restrict your choices by only selling off-grid packages. At Captain Green Solar, we customise a solar system tailor made for your individual household’s needs, a system that will provide the maximum return on your investment.

We guarantee we will install the proper inverter size to feed your energy output needs, paired with the battery storage system and solar array that meets the criteria of your power consumption.

Because of the number of usage parameters, off-grid solar systems are complex and need to be properly installed to ensure your energy supply isn’t compromised, even in the worst conditions.

These parameters include:

- Limits of solar resources at your location.

- Intensity of power needs.

- Desired system autonomy if RE resource is limited.

- Assessing additional civil work to accommodate the system components.

To keep your energy output flowing without any breaks, we strongly recommend the use of a backup generator which will keep the electricity flowing at its required capacity even during rainy and cloudy days. Our systems are customised to best suit the energy needs and budget of each individual customer.

At CGS off-grid, our in-house PV engineers make designing your solar system a personal one, CEC accredited designers and installers will suggest the best balance of system components for your needs, so you can rest assured the system will work the way you need it to.

Only high quality products are used for your system including SMA Inverters, Trina Solar and quality batteries and components from our trusted suppliers. We only use the best components because we know how important it is to have a dependable system supplying your electricity.


The on-going maintenance and care required for the life of their system is one of the main concerns our customers have. This should be a concern due to the nature of the components involved, especially the generator and batteries.

Off-grid PV systems are, if designed well, very reliable and require very little maintenance. At Captain Green Solar, we ensure that this remains the case with our reliable service, from the first call to system commissioning and beyond.

Off-grid systems have received a bad reputation over the years because installers have treated them as if they were retail products. They would sell them, install them and forget about them. There belief was “they aren’t our problem anymore”, so they would never follow up on their care and maintenance over the system’s lifetime.

At CGS off-grid, we aren’t only focused on ensuring your system suits your needs and expectations, we provide the assurance of efficient technical support. Our professional team of in-house PV engineers and CEC accredited designers and installers will ensure that our customers receive a thorough follow-up on their systems and are aware of exactly what they can expect from it.


The Way to Off-Grid Power

Step 1: Contact one of our friendly off-grid engineers to enquire about the technology and the feasibility of going off-grid at your home.

Step 2: Complete a web-based Load Assessment or Book a personal on-site assessment (Within NSW).

Step 3: Receive a comprehensive proposal suitable for your energy needs

Step 4: Sign a contract of installation, pay a deposit for your tailor-made system and book an installation date.

Step 5: Our CEC Accredited off-grid Installers will install, test and commission your system

Step 6: The system is now yours, backed up by our technical support!

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