Announcement: The Government Rebates are reducing from 1 Jan 2018. Act Now!
Announcement: The Government STC Discount is Reducing from 1 Jan 2019. Lock In Your Price at the Maximum Eligible Discount!

Ret Review

Upfront Federal solar power discounts and subsidies, totaling 30 – 40%, are being threatened. We all need to act immediately to protect these discounts. Request a quote of the subsidies you can expect from your new solar system by contacting Captain Green Solar to make an immediate appointment to secure your Government Financial Incentive.

The Federal Government released the long-awaited recommendations from the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review, on 28 Aug 2014, which will either abolish the upfront federal subsidy for solar energy, or severely slash it, for systems up to 100kW.

An announcement is imminent, from the government, as to which option it will choose. However, subsidies that have been recorded on contracts before any announcement will be protected.


How can I immediately enter into a contract to protect the subsidy?

Step 1 – QUOTE

Your first step is to call Captain Green Solar at 1300 361 682. You can also fill out the form below, after which one of our professional solar team members will respond quickly to help you lock in your federal solar energy discounts.


A Captain Green Solar expert will contact you, when you’re ready, to help you complete your order over the phone. You will then receive an email with your order confirmation when your order is complete.


A CEC Accredited installer and designer will install your system. Metering will be done through your energy retailer and your Account Manager will guide you through the process. At Captain Green Solar, we provide an easy and hassle free switch to solar energy. This allows you to take immediate advantage of lower energy bills.

Your subsidy will then, most likely, be protected under the transitional provisions recommended by the RET Review.

Call 1300 361 682 or click here for a quote !

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