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Feed In Tariff

Feed in Tariff

A feed in tariff is a monetary value or price that the electricity provider pays you for excess electricity that your solar power system feeds back into the grid. The electricity retailers or company will also buy your solar electricity for a price which differs from state to state. You can always negotiate a feed-in tariff price with various electricity retailers on the market.



Feed-in Tariff (FiT)*

Retailer contribution

Max size

Total (FiT plus retailer contribution)


ACT Closed

1:1ActewAGL paying the same price as the current electricity price


30kW 1:1
NSW Closed

0-8cPrice negotiated with retailer, net and gross model


Depends on retailer 0-8c
QLD 8c

6c Origin8c AGL


5kW 14c-16c
SA 16c

2012-13 = 9.8c2013-14 = 11.2c2014 onwards to be determined by ESCOSA


First 45kWh per day ~25-27c
TAS Closed

1:1Aurora Energy paying the same rate as the current electricity rate


10kW (single phase)30kW (three phase) 1:1

8c (funded by electricity retailer, mandatory)


Price negotiated with retailer 100kW 8c+
WA Closed

7c for Synergy customers1:1 net tariff for Horizon customers


5kW SynergyVaries by location on Horizon grid 7c 1:1
Average cost per kWh is 25c
*Feed-in tariffs and all figures are correct as at April 2013 and are subject to change in government regulation. 


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