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About Us

 Our story

Captain Green Solar is one of the longest serving solar companies in Australia, was born a decade ago in 2009. The name, Captain Green, was chosen to reflect the notion of a ‘Leader’ or ‘Captain’ in the field of energy efficiency with the ability to assist home and business owners in the many aspects of being green, saving money and the environment. Later on, the company expanded fast with a strong focus on renewable energy products, particularly solar power.

We knew that the solar market was evolving, and we wanted to build a solution that was a game changer for our customers. We wanted to see what would happen if we combined all of our experience, along with top notch skills, and cutting edge technology to form a company that is focused on ‘making high quality solar affordable’ to all Australians.
Over the past 10 years we have grown to be one of the top solar retailers in Australia. We have taken lessons from the hundreds of solar companies that are no longer in business and learnt from their mistakes. For this reason we stand by our company, our products, and our commitment to success.

Making high quality solar affordable

Our strong supplier partnership places us in a strong position of differentiation from other solar companies as it allows us to offer premium quality products at the lowest installed prices possible. We do not compromise on quality, yet we will guarantee you the best possible price on a solar system for your home or business. Captain Green Solar are Members of the Clean Energy Council of Australia and only use accredited designers and installers, as well as CEC approved equipment for all our systems.

Accelerating the shift

Captain Green Solar, a leader in the solar industry, is accelerating the shift for many homes and businesses to switch to solar power by providing you with solar solutions that are less expensive than conventional electricity sources. Australian are at the core of the movement helping shape our clean energy future. With the appeal of lower electricity bills, and long term energy self-reliance, they are embracing solar solutions at an unprecedented rate.

Intelligent driven approach to maximising your return on investment

We provide you with a solar proposal that is custom designed for you, taking into consideration your unique home or business situation and current electricity usage. Our aim is to maximise your return on investment, thus we design a solar system that is right for you. We ensure not to sell you a system in which you do not need and working with your budget is our No.1 priority.

Success that speaks for itself

In an industry that has undergone political and environmental changes, Captain Green Solar has continued to grow and has currently installed approximately 8000 systems, including large commercial projects, often working in partnership with quality builders and affiliates. Unlike other companies, we have gained vast experience in installing commercial PV systems, some as large as 100kW in size. We have also been involved in installing uniquely designed solar systems including, ground mounted, flat roof ballast weight, micro inverter systems and battery operated solar systems in both local and regional places within Australia.


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